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Who We Are; An Introduction to Our Staff

Updated: Jun 25

We are trained mental health professionals that focus on trauma, grief, and crisis intervention.

We are a collective of certified trauma specialists (EMDR, IFS, SEP, TCTSY-F, & Polyvagal-informed), Public Health specialists, climatologists, Disaster Mental Health specialists, and social scientists. We have created workshops where we inform community leaders on how to create trauma-sensitive environments at home, schools, and workplaces. We provide open community groups by incorporating somatic-based therapies, polyvagal-informed art, music, & movement therapy, & nature. Our tailored trauma workshops aim to empower communities, develop positive coping mechanisms, and foster community resilience. 

Our community-model approach is from a public health perspective and is community based as well as community led. Currently we are addressing the climate crisis and providing therapeutic and educational workshops to local community groups of Southwest, South Central, and Southeast Louisiana. 

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