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For the Schools

We provide professional development for schools, staff/faculty and administration. Some example of topics:

ADHD & Trauma

How to create a Trauma-Sensitive School for a supportive learning environment

How to recognize developmental trauma in children and intervention tools

Crisis intervention techniques


Disaster Mental Health Support

What are Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how it affects health and learning

How to utilize the arts for behavioral intervention

Self-Care for school, staff/faculty regarding secondary trauma

For the Helpers

We provide trauma training workshops for mental health professionals, first responders, medical professionals and educators:


Understanding Secondary Trauma and how to care for yourself while caring for others

Introduction to different trauma therapeutic theories

Basic crisis intervention tools 

Multicultural humility training regarding multigenerational trauma (Ancestral & Systemic racism)

Understanding trauma from a three point perspective; Ancestral, Individual and the Collective

For the Community

We can help guide you to other healers and helpers that are trained and certified in trauma. Some of the resources include:

Community Art Therapy Groups:


 *Disaster Mental Health

 *Grief & Loss

Referrals to healers/helpers:

  • Somatic Body Workers -Trained massage therapists

  • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Therapists

  • Music Therapists

  • EMDR Therapists

  • SEP Therapists

  • IFC Therapists

"Neuroscience has really helped us understand that you can’t talk yourself out of being in love, or being angry, or hating particular people because these are not rational processes, and reason has only very limited capacities to override these more primitive survival issues. And so, you need to not rely on reason, you need rely on mastery of your body, safety of your body, finding peace in your body." 

– Bessel van der Kolk, MD aired wbur radio, Here and Now, January 12, 2015

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