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We are the Neutral Ground Collective. We are dedicated to helping communities and individuals to lead mentally healthy lives. We believe in order to achieve ideal health, we must care for the whole person: mind, body and spirit.


Where does the term Neutral Ground originate?

"Neutral ground, the New Orleans toponym used for street medians, is a phrase that originated in Western Louisiana. This area near the Sabine River became known as a free state. After the arrival of Anglo-Americans in the mid 1800s the term continued to resonate as a concept between Anglo and Creoles "for negotiating disputes and contested spaces".

"Neutral Ground"/64


Our Mission

Dedicated to navigating the spectrum of trauma through the arts, movement, and nature. Empowering communities to heal and thrive.

Yoga at Home
Our Mission

SAMHSA Six Key Principles of Trauma-Informed Approach:

  1. Safety

  2. Trustworthiness and Transparency

  3. Peer Support

  4. Collaboration and Mutuality

  5. Empowerment, Voice and Choice

  6. Cultural, Historical, and Gender Issues

Tai Chi Practice

Our Vision

Ensuring a decolonized psychological approach to mental health care for marginalized communities throughout Louisiana. Consideration will be given to trauma that has been experienced across lifespans and generations, including historical grief and loss, structural trauma and systemic racism.

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